The LCSO's Criminal Investigation Division, which handles case preparation, consists of two sergeants - one under contract to the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency - and three detectives under a lieutenant.  They represent  the plain clothes investigative branch of the Sheriff's Department. 

Our present staff of Criminal Investigators (Lt. Michael Murphy, Detective Sgt. Jason Pease, Detective Sgt. Ron Rollins, Detective Terry Michaud, and Detective Scott Hayden) are responsible for investigating all complaints of child abuse referred to them by the Lincoln County District Attorney's Office. In addition, they investigate most of the reported felonies, computer crimes and crimes against the elderly. The CID division is also responsible for sex offender registration within the county.

Our detectives do the majority of all serious criminal investigations - including child sex abuse cases, drug cases, and more detailed property crimes.  The overwhelming majority of cases also involve some sort of substance, whether alcohol or drugs.



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Detective Sergeant Jason Pease
Detective Sergeant Ron Rollins
Detective Terry Michaud
Detective Scott Hayden