(Police Officers Striving To Create And Reinforce Dreams)

Camp POSTCARD 2014. Leaders and kids from Lincoln County

Camp POSTCARD helps at-risk 5th and 6th graders build relationships, learn life skills, change their perceptions of law enforcement, reduce high school dropout rates, and improve literacy and college acceptance rates.

The Camp is in a beautiful new home at Agazzis Village, a summer camp in Poland, Maine.  Six-hundred-acre Agazzis Village was founded originally as a boys’ camp in 1936. At the time it was built, its main dining hall was the largest freestanding cabin in the world.

Organizers are recruiting volunteers to staff the camp, raise funds, donate supplies, and "adopt a camper" for the 2014 season. All are welcome. To learn more and sign up for this once-in-a-lifetime adventure, contact Jacob Roberson at or 207-373-1140 ext. 246.

"Thanks to community support, camp is free for the campers," says Jacob. "You can adopt a camper for $350. In fact, sometimes families and friends simply get together to adopt a child — which makes the whole thing pretty affordable."

Special thanks as always to our many Camp partners —the Maine Sheriffs' Association, Maine DARE Officer’s Association, and Maine Chiefs of Police Association —and to the more than 60 law enforcement officers, social workers, and public safety officers who will be donating their time this June as volunteer camp leaders. We could not do it without them. 


Camp POSTCARD website


Last updated: 05-July-2014