The Patrol Division of the Lincoln County Sheriff's Department consists of 10 full-time patrol deputies, and several more active reserve deputies. The division commander is Lieutenant Rand Maker supported by Sgt. Brendan Kane, Sgt. Alan Shea and Sgt. Matthew Day.

Within the division several skilled and highly qualified deputies are found. Specialties include: accident reconstructionist, drug recognition expert, firearms instructors, D.A.R.E. officers, school resource officer, and the K-9 section.

Part of the patrol division's task is performing shellfish enforcement under contract for Bremen, Bristol, and South Bristol. Three patrol deputies have specialized training from the Department of Marine Resources and the U.S. Coast Guard to assist in those duties.

The Patrol Division is responsible for responding 365 days a year, 24 hours a day to many types of incidents in each of the County's 19 towns. These incidents include traffic accidents, thefts, and more serious crimes in progress that may include weapons. This division truly works on the front line against the "war on crime" each and everyday.

The division is continually updating itself in order to better serve the citizens it protects. It was the first law enforcement agency within the State of Maine to "linkup" using mobile data computers. These computers allow each deputy to gather information more quickly, while still allowing him or her to remain in the field and offer a swifter response time to emergencies.  

Because of the people in the division, and the equipment and training that each is supplied, the Patrol Division continues to respond in the professional manner that the citizens of Lincoln County have come to expect.


Email: Lieutenant Rand Maker Lt. Rand Maker
Sergeant Matthew Day - D.A.R.E.
Sergeant Brendan Kane - Firearms Instructor/Training
Sergeant Alan Shea - Firearms Instructor/Evidence Tech

Deputy Aaron Beck - Clam Warden
Deputy 1st Class Mark Bridgham - School Resource Officer/D.A.R.E./ Drug Recognition Expert
Deputy Ryan Chubbuck

Deputy Jonathan Colby
Deputy 1st Class Brian Collamore - D.A.R.E.
Deputy Kevin Dennison - K-9 Duke

Deputy Justin Drake

Deputy Chad Gilbert - Accident Reconstructionist
Deputy Kenneth Hatch - Clam Warden

Deputy Caleb Proirier

Deputy James Read - Clam Warden

Last updated: 23-May-2014