Deputy 1st Class Mark Bridgham is currently the SRO at Lincoln Academy, Newcastle, Maine. Lincoln Academy is a 500 student, grade 9-12, with 60 staff members. He is the only officer certified in the department to work in that position. The SRO is a specially trained officer who works directly in close contact with school(s) in their assigned area. 

Officers receive national certified training to perform the duties of the SRO.

The duties of an SRO are:

Deputy 1st Class  Bridgham does not hand out discipline for students who violate school rules. He is not a hall monitor or cafeteria duty teacher. His role is to be present and provide that visibility that sometimes students need before acting on their desires to deal with a situation.

Deputy 1st Class  Bridgham has been the SRO at LA for nine years. He averages around 225 contacts each year at LA. These may be harassment complaints, texting issues, FACEBOOK or other social media issues, threats, criminal mischief, thefts of property, driving offenses or more serious crimes as they occur.

Deputy 1st Class  Bridgham is given access to classrooms to instruct on the Constitution and Amendments. Students have direct questions relating to the 1st, 4th and 5th amendments. These classes are lively and informative and provide a basic understanding for the student in Social Studies. Other classes are with the use of the Fatal Vision Goggles (drunk goggles). Students are asked to perform simple tasks while wearing these goggles. The goggles simulate various intoxication levels. Students must perform these simple tasks with the understanding that others will observe and discussion will follow. Driving impaired is a serious discussion that Deputy Bridgham has with his students.

It takes a special police officer to enter the realm of schools and young teenagers. His contacts reflect directly on the department and society as a whole setting examples for the students to attain.

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Last updated: 29-April-2014